• Complete solutions for on time transportations

  • Safe transport from the beginning of the route to destination. Our trucks are equipped with a GPS surveillance system, which allows the customer to know exactly where his expedition is.

    • Safe storage

      The goods remain safe in the Arad and Bucharest warehouses. We provide handling and cross-docking operations.
    • Dispatch 24/7

      Our dispatcher is at your disposal at any time for any question about the status of your expedition.
    • Expeditions in Romania & EU

      We provide efficient transport in Romania and Europe. From import and export services to transit services.
    • Quick operations

      We deal with obtaining transit documents and ensure freight transport under the customs seal (in some countries).
    • Truck service

      Service and vulcanisation for truck maintenance and repair. We also provide service wherever we are needed.
    • GPS surveilance

      You will always know what is the status of the transport, and you will be able to estimate when it will arrive at your destination.
    • Just in time shipping

      Our two-man crews ensure a fast, just-in-time transport that is so much needed in the automotive industry.
    • Special transportation

      For different needs, we offer just-in-time, oversized, refrigerated or low-tonne shipments.

    About us

  • Almost 20 years of experience in successful shipping.

  • Experience defines the quality of services. The experience of unexpected situations, the transport of special goods and what you learn from all this. Tauros has been on the transport market for almost 20 years, starting with a single man, a single truck and the desire to make things better, more professional.

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    • Our team

      About us

      It all starts with people. With the professionalism I always show in everything I do. Tauros is currently being formed by a team of more than 60 employees with extensive experience.
    • Lavinia Rațiu



      Transport Manager

    • Dan Ursut

      Service Manager

    • Patricia Luca


    • Mihai Bocii


    • Casian Vizoc


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